Annie's cancer has returned after a 9 year remission and traveled to her lung... she had sarcoma in her breast a little over 9 years ago.  At that that time she went through chemo, had a double mastectomy and radiation.  Annie's doctors believe her current cancer is a metastasis of the original tumor.  It is now located in her lung with four tumors. 

Due to the location and size of the four tumors, it is inoperable.  She began chemo on Tuesday the 18th of August.  The hope is that chemo will help slow the growth progression and help give her more time. 

A miracle would be that the chemo would shrink the cancer to the size where they could safely operate, so please PRAY for that.  In the end... we will not have enough time with Annie and she will not have enough time with her husband and three boys. 


I have been avoiding this post for many reasons, but it's time to have my army behind me and praying for me.
Last Wednesday when we found out that not only did the chemo not work, but we found out the tumor grew. This is why Sarcoma cancer is the worst of the worst. It has been so aggressive it went from just my lining of my lung to now half my lung in a mere 6 weeks. What this means is that I have even less time than we thought. If this new chemo works (and doesn't kill me with the side effects) I only have about 3 months to live now. My miracle now would be 6 months of this new chemo works some.

The other worse news is that because the tumor is growing so fast it will probably jump to my right lung soon. I will be in a full-time wheel chair soon and I will be on a lot of meds and will not be myself.

I am petrified, scared and mad. I just wanted a little more time with my boys, but I'm trying to remain faithful and understand this is not my world and God has different plans for me than I thought.

Therefore, I am sorry I will not be able to see you all before I deteriorate quickly. Please respect that this news is still new and my boys do not know the extent of it all. They will be meeting with social workers and counsellors soon to process this as will I.

All I can think is that I am supposed to send this message about my life. I have not always been perfect, but God has always been a part of my life and it's a daily relationship with him and being involved in a local church. When you are facing death you do have to look at your life and ask if it was pleasing to God because the path is narrow to heaven. The world tells us life is short, do what makes you happy. As someone facing death, that couldn't be more wrong. God wants us to be happy, but our first purpose is to live a life honoring and pleasing to him.

So I leave you with that. Sorry for the soapbox, but as I said it's been on my heart. Please continue to pray for miracles, my terrible chemo and side-effects and that I can handle the upcoming changes to my body. Thank you and I love you!

❌⭕❌⭕ Jeremiah 29:11. Annie